thx & for help with my #wordpress plugin, also, your web sites are 💯 wow

my new #wordpress plug-in shares private posts as auto-login links, friends can see only the posts they are added to

"I love that someone’s going back to blogrolls in 2017! I need to add one back to mine"

RT @ricmac My latest AltPlatform post looks at the state of feed readers in 2017. #IndieWeb

RT - Launched a new side project today! Indie Map is a public #IndieWeb social graph and dataset.

RT @macgenie If you’re going to be in PDX for the Indie Web Summit, join me Sat. night at Kelly’s Olympian to see this great lineup of indie nerd musicians.

How Twitter, & Mastodon could team up to compete with Facebook #web #feeds #internet #social

RT @pauljacobson Join AltPlatform, a new conversation about the Open Web. It's important.

 My latest article is about how more powerful social networks will draw their content from more than one site

my blog post got its first #webmention - thanks ! Is your blog on the social web? add a plugin and reply 

my latest blog post! “How the web supports different types of cross-site social networks” - send it a #webmention ??

Feed reader revolution: it’s time to embrace open & disrupt social media #indieweb #AltPlatform

RT  I just wrote an analysis of Mastodon, for AltPlatform (a new indie tech blog):

Thanks & for the info about early usage.

It's a thrill to get comments on my blog posts - thanks to and #indieweb #AltPlatform

mmm bubble gum #pubsubhubbub #indieweb #bearhugcamp 

Advanced social networks: online sharing without the privacy risks #AltPlatform #indieweb

"OwnYourGram .. imports your Instagram photos to your website .. OwnYourSwarm does the same for Foursquare checkins"

for self-hosted chat, it looks like Rocket Chat and Mastodon are good options - any new ones out there - React w/Go or Ruby would be cool #indieweb

RT @cleverdevil JSON Feed Creators Aim to Revitalize Interest in the Open Web #indieweb

wow hadn't seen an active profile in a while - Christopher Allan Webber (activitypub builder) #indieweb

Andy Sylvester has a bloggers site - -- is anyone doing aggregators for or blogs? #indieweb

i should have gotten a retina macbook pro much sooner! i loved the satin screen on the non-retina mbp but the new screen is fantastic and have free-hosted centralized version -- 1999 has one but refers to it as "test site" so not as good

1999 has some amazing ideas compared to and - for example, Likes

oops forgot the link to the collection of bloggers 

i wonder, does have #rsscloud support?

love this collection of bloggers - nice work Andy Sylvester - now if I could just #webmention him from my blog

another place to blog like it's 1999 ->

i need a link that gets me back to when i'm at 

i guess twitter is the signup automation and my filesystem is the storage - clever ness

wow - impressive sign-up experience and i'm blogging 'under my own power' with twitter as a storage medium somehow - nice!